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Seeing the same thing at that time and place, and either moving forward or running away . . . I suppose that's what separates those who are fit for battle from those who are not.

Once, Ilena was the second-best warrior in the Organization that directs those commonly known as Claymore -- women implanted with yoma flesh and blood to grant them the inhuman strength and regenerative ability necessary to fight the demons that infest her world. Known for her competence and for her unique Quicksword ability, she seemed content to live in the shadow of the Organization's number one, and never showed any signs of rebellion.

Then she was sent to lead a mission to kill that number one warrior -- Teresa of the Faint Smile, who broke all the rules for the sake of a child.

That mission went horribly wrong. It took Teresa down, and Ilena's comrades with her. It took Ilena's arm, and then her life . . .

. . . as far as the Organization knows. But somewhere in the forest, a one-armed woman has been living alone for the last ten years, hiding -- or waiting. Even she might have a hard time saying which.

Physical Description

Ilena is a one-armed woman with long pale hair, pale skin, and pale silver eyes, and noticeably pointed ears. Her age is hard to pin down; physically she could be anywhere in her twenties or thirties, and her face is unlined, but all the same she doesn't look like a young woman. She wears leather covered in an inexplicable number of straps and bits of armor, often swathed in a voluminous hooded cloak, with a broadsword that seems too large for her strapped to her back.

Metaphysical Description

Ilena is half-demon, but she's spent ten years perfecting the art of cloaking her inhuman aura; unless she's actively unleashing her powers, it's difficult to tell that she's anything other than human. If you want to know if your character would be able to sense it when she's cloaking, feel free to contact me to discuss. When unleashed, those powers grant her superhuman strength, superhuman speed (especially in her right arm), and superhuman regenerative abilities, including the ability to reattach and regrow limbs (albeit slowly).

She also has the ability to sense demonic or inhuman auras in others, although not as strongly as [info]demisemidemon or [info]cantdiequiteyet, so if your character might fall into this category, and you want to discuss the details, ping me or drop me a note, and I will try to remember to do the same.

Psychological Description

As with all the Claymores, psychics are advised to use caution before poking around in her head -- there's a lot of trauma in Ilena's past, and her world suffers from an unfortunate lack of therapists.

Disclaimer: Ilena is a character from the manga Claymore and does not in any way belong to me.
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